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Eco weed control that's easy on your back and knees!
Campingaz's® Garden Torch range make for a quick, easy and chemical-free weed removal Gardening keeps you active, fit and is one of the best forms of relaxation, but it can also take its toll on your body - especially if you're not a nibble as you used to be. The outdoor gas expert Campingaz have a range of light-weight gas-powered garden torches for cleaner, faster and more efficient weed killing.  
The Garden Torch range from Campingaz kills weeds dead at the root on patios, driveways and in the garden without the risk of harming your joints and saving valuable time. The torch is also great for the environment and doesn't leave any toxic impact from chemicals which could harm animals, children and the garden! The Campingaz Garden Torch has an aluminium structure and is perfect for use from spring through till late-autumn. The Garden Torch 2000 and 3000 each offer a highly functional, ergonomic design, and carefully considered cartridge placement for natural balance and ease of use - making it easier than ever to kill weeds!  
The Garden Torch 3000 features a round burner, three times larger than standard burners allowing it to kill weeds up to 4 times faster. Weighing only 415g its one of the lightest and most powerful garden torches on the market. The Garden Torch 2000 also features a piezo ignition for convenience and the ergonomic design is ideal for treating narrow corners and seams, thanks to its wide, flat, brass burner. The torch length is 83.5cm and a total weight of 416g, the perfect balance of precision and power. 
For more information on Campingaz Garden Torchâ„¢ please visit: http://www.campingaz.com/uk/c-537-garden-torches.aspx
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