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Green alternative to generators saves fuel, CO2 and money
A British company was the power behind The Green Lifestyle Pavilion at Burghley Horse Trials this year, saving them money and allowing them to maintain their green credentials. 
The Green Lifestyle Pavilion, run by Just Brilliant Events, was introduced to promote green products and services, but the traditional solution for powering outdoor events - dirty, noisy generators - were somewhat at odds with a sustainable policy. So when Midlands-based Off Grid Energy approached the organisers with a proposal to use energy generated by both renewable and conventional means, it seemed the obvious answer.  
Jill Button of Just Brilliant Events said: 'Previously, for this event, we have used a big 200kva generator running day and night for the five days. We believe we can now use a smaller generator running for just six or seven hours per day - that's going to save us something like 70% in fuel consumption and CO2. We were delighted with the results and this pilot has shown us just what can be achieved in terms of reducing our carbon footprint and fuel efficiency. We are working with Off Grid Energy on plans for future events with even greater savings.' 
Off Grid Energy provides remote energy solutions for people in places where grid power is unavailable, unreliable or too expensive to connect. The Grid To Go is a clean and silent alternative to generator power that is cost effective and significantly reduces CO2 emissions. It uses energy stored in Lithium-Ion batteries and, in the right circumstances, it can also incorporate renewable forms of energy (solar and wind) to top up the batteries - something that is not possible with a diesel generator. 
Managing director of Off Grid Energy, Danny Jones, says: 'If you have a construction site, remote buildings or indeed a tent in a field where there's no mains electricity available - or it's unreliable - a generator has traditionally been the only option as connection to the Grid can be prohibitively expensive. But we all know the problems with generators; they are noisy, dirty and expensive to run. We've produced a viable solution to generate clean, silent and cost effective energy that significantly reduces CO2. 
'Cost savings at Burghley were significant and there were also the additional benefits of CO2 and noise reduction, savings on generator servicing and extending the life of generators. All of these things contribute towards sustainability standards that are being introduced for the events industry.'
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