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Common ragwort call to 'the Big Society'
TACKLING common ragwort can be a practical example of the Big Society in action, according to Agriculture Minister Jim Paice. 
With the weed now in season, Mr Paice is calling on landowners, local groups and nature lovers to work together to help control its growth.  
He has pointed out that while the plant makes an important contribution to wildlife and biodiversity, it also has a devastating effect on animals including horses and donkeys.

Hot summer brings mobility problems
THE hotter summer weather has resulted in a raft of mobility problems for many horses, according to an equine nutrition specialist.  
Hannah Crook, of Supplement Solutions, said: 'Rock hard ground is imposing extra stresses on horses' joints and this has resulted in increased numbers of anxious owners seeking remedies.' 
According to Hannah, the most common symptons if a horse is suffering from joint problems include the animal walking in a 'pottery' fashion in order to shorten their stride, trying to walk on the softer and more level grass verges when out on cambered roads and refusing jumps.
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