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Older horses at more risk of tendon injury
OLDER horses are at an increased risk of tendon injury due to a reduction in protein renewal.  
A research project funded by The Horse Trust has found that the proteins in a commonly-injured tendon are renewed less frequently in older horses, leading to an increased risk of injury.  
This type of damage is one of the most common causes of wastage in the performance horse and some tendons are much more prone to injury than others.

New strangles vaccine set for October
A NEW strangles vaccine is to go on sale in October, four years after being withdrawn.  
Equilis StrepE is a new version  
of the vaccine that was voluntarily recalled in 2007 after some vaccinated horses were found not to be immune to the contagious respiratory disease.  
However, Intervet/Schering-Plough Animal Health have now confirmed that three years of additional research and development have resulted in several improvements, including a better manufacturing process to ensure the product is effective throughout its shelf-life  
and a new applicator which  
makes it easier to administer the vaccine.
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