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Call for probe into hyperflexion
THE chairman of the British Horse Society has written to the president of the FEI demanding an investigation into hyperflexion.  
Patrick Print is demanding an investigation in to the circumstances surrounding the apparent distress of Patrick Kittel's horse at Odense, and into the ethics of rollkur more generally.

Modified whip to be introduced
THE British Horseracing Authority has announced that a modified whip is set to be made available to British jockeys over the next few months.  
The new whip, which is an evolved design of the existing cushioned whip, will include a microchip of the same type as used to identify racehorses.  
The purpose of this is to allow research into the longevity of the whip, in particular its cushioning properties and enhancements have also been made to the grip following feedback from jockeys.
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