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Overtraining syndrome research
NEW research has found that the prevalence of equine stress-related illnesses such as overtraining syndrome is increasing. 
Until now no diagnostic test has been available to determine the syndrome, but researchers at Utrecht University in the Netherlands have discovered a new method using measurements of nocturnal growth hormone secretions.  
It is hoped that the results of the study will lead to improved treatment methods for similar stress related syndromes in humans, such as burnout.

Eventer hits back at danger claims
EVENTER Mary King has slammed recent claims that the sport is one of the most dangerous in the world. 
Mary is one of the most successful women in three day eventing - a world class gold medallist who is currently ranked third by the International Federation of Eventing and won team silver at the Beijing Olympics.  
She said: 'Everyone goes on and on about how dangerous eventing is, but it is really not the case."
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