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Riding style 'makes horse move faster'
A JOCKEY'S riding style may look uncomfortable but actually helps the horse move faster according to new research from the Royal Veterinary College.  
A study has shown that the modern crouched posture results in an enhanced race-time performance because the horse does not have to support accelerating the jockey through each of its stride movements. 
Instead, it has to support only the body weight of the rider.  
The research team from the College's Structure and Motion Laboratory suggest that the posture has benefited racing performance since its introduction in around 1900, when a general improvement in race times was recorded - and has never been bettered.

Research looks at bleeding into airways
A DRUG used to treat bleeding into the airways in thoroughbred racehorses can also decrease the chance of haemorrhage according to a new study.  
Research into furosemide, which is currently used as a treatment in the US and Canada, has been carried out by Colorado State University, the University of Melbourne and the University of Pretoria.  
It is hoped that the findings will provide a foundation for racing authorities to make decisions regarding the use of the medication, which has been the subject of heated debate for many years.
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