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Advances in the diagnosis of equine pulpitis - references
On page 20 of our latest issue Miriam Casey reported on her recent research into the etiology, diagnostic features and treatment of apical pulpitis in equine cheek teeth.  
Please find below a full list of her references: 
Dixon, P.M., Tremaine, W.H., Pickles, K., Kuhns, L., Hawe, C., McCann, J., McGorum, B.C., Railton, D.I. and Brammer, S. (2000) Equine dental disease part 4: a long-term study of 400 cases: apical infections of cheek teeth. Equine Vet J 32, 182-194. 
Prichard M.A., H.R.P., Erb H.N. (1992) Long-term outcome of tooth repulsion in horses. A retrospective study of 61 cases.Prichard MA, Hackett RP, Erb HN. Veterinary Surgery 21, 145-149. 
Barakzai, S. Sensitivity and Specificity of Radiography of the Head. In: British Equine Veterinary Association, Birmingham. pp 276-277. 
Casey M.B. and Tremaine (2008), W.H. Occlusal lesions in 44 cheek teeth from horses with clinical signs of apical pulpitis In: Proceedings of 54th annual Convention of the Anerican Association of Equine practitioners. pp 390.

Charity launches suffering campaign with national survey
WORLD Horse Welfare has launched its Stamp Out Suffering campaign with the first ever national SOS Survey. 
The charity is asking for people to get involved in identifying what they feel are the main causes of horse welfare abuse and ignorance in Britain today. 
It is concerned that the reliance on horse welfare charities to take in cases does not tackle the root causes of mistreatment and that suffering is still widespread.

Society calls for horseboxes to be excluded
THE British Horse Society has launched a campaign petitioning for drivers of large horseboxes to be excluded from laws over compulsory and prohibitive rest periods.  
The Vehicle Operator Services Agency (VOSA) has effectively banned anyone with a full time job from driving their HGV (over 7.5 tonne) lorry at weekends by strictly interpreting a European law. 
BHS Chief Executive Graham Cory, speaking on behalf of the entire British Equestrian Federation, has now written to Geoff Hoon, Secretary of State for Transport, to express alarm at the potential implementations of EC regulation 561/2006.
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