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Partnership may lead to better medication control
MEDICATION control in racing could be set to improve with a new partnership between the British Horseracing Authority and British Racing School.  
A new Centre for Racehorse Studies will be opening at the school, with the aim of continuing and developing research and education for medication control.  
Tim Morris, director of equine science and welfare at the BHA, said: 'The rules of racing state that horses must race free of any medication and we conduct extensive surveillance for evidence of misuse of drugs in horses, or inadvertent presence of veterinary medications."

New measures in bid to cut thefts of on-loan horses
THE National Equine Database has introduced new measures to reduce the theft of horses out on loan.  
The move follows several recent incidents involving freezemarked horses being put on loan and subsequently sold of for slaughter with new passports.  
Currently, under EU legislation, it is not compulsory for Passport Issuing Organisations to collect freezemark information and supply it to the database - although many of them do.
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