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'Gentle giant' wows judges to take title
THE winners of this year's Best Beach Donkeys competition have been announced by Sidmouth's Donkey Sanctuary.  
The annual contest aims to reward owners from around the UK for high standards of animal welfare. 
The best individual title went to Del Boy from Aberdyfi, Gwynedd in Wales, owned by Louise Peters, the best group of donkeys was from Filey in Yorkshire and the donkeys with the best trimmed feet were from Weymouth, Dorset.

'Forelimb tuck' is key to worth
THE higher a horse can tuck up its front legs, the more it is worth on the international market, according to scientists at Newcastle Univeristy.  
New research from bio-engineer Dr Sian Lawson has revealed that a horse's sale price is directly linked to how high the animal can fold its front hoof into its shoulder when it leaps over a fence. 
These findings contradict previous assumptions that the back leg is the most important feature in a successful show jumper.  
Dr Lawson, a former professional show jumper, said: 'This is not the result I was expecting at all. 
'The height at which a horse can raise its back legs is innate - that is, it is something the horse is born with. Just like some people can do the splits and others can't, so some horses are very flexible and can bring their back legs up much higher than others."
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