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Mycotoxins - the hidden danger
Mycotoxins can occur on growing, harvested or stored cereal and forage crops.  
Invisible to the naked eye, these toxic chemicals are produced by some types of mould growth under certain environmental conditions. 
Mycotoxin poisoning has the potential to suppress the immune system and cause a wide range of conditions, ranging from sub clinical symptoms such as general lack of form, hypersensitivity and loss of well-being, through to possible liver damage and, in cases of severe exposure, death.

Births mark breed hopes
FOUR Exmoor pony foals have been born at RSPB Snape Warren nature reserve, raising hopes for the rare breed's future.  
The ponies are listed as endangered by the Rare Breeds Survival Trust, which has loaned the herd to the RSPB, and these are the first foals to be born in the group.  
Ian Barthorpe, RSPB spokesman, said: 'The RSPB uses the Exmoor ponies to help maintain heathland and acid grassland at some of our Suffolk nature reserves in optimum condition for birds such as nightjars and woodlarks."
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