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Bomb-proofing demo
A DEMONSTRATION of how to bomb proof even the most nervous horse was put on by Strathclyde police for local BHS members.  
The mounted division gave the lecture demonstration to show how the horses dealt with flags, banners and noisy crowds during marches.  
The show also gave an insight into the force's training methods and ideas on how riders and owners could bombproof their own horses.

Survey probes licensing issue
A LIVERY welfare survey has been launched to discover whether a licensing system for UK yards is needed.  
Livery yards are very popular in the UK for those people who are unable to keep their horses and ponies at home.  
However, there is no record of how many horses are currently at livery or indeed the number of operating yards and their welfare standards. 
Now, leading equestrian organisations including the British Equine Veterinary Association, World Horse Welfare, the British Horse Society and the RSPCA have joined forces to address the situation.
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