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Ragwort call to Jersey landowners
LANDOWNERS in Jersey are being asked by the government to take action to control ragwort.  
The Environment Department has said that the weed is spreading rapidly because of the current weather conditions and is becoming a serious threat to the island's livestock. 
The island's farmers have been warned that the plant is very difficult to remove once it has become established, producing seeds that can stay dormant in the soil for up to 20 years.  
Deputy Anne Pryke, assistant minister of planning and environment said: 'As in previous years we would advise that preventing the spread of this injurious weed is important for the wellbeing of the island's grazing animals, and landowners and occupiers should take all measures to assist in its control.'

Horsebox safety warning after spate of incidents
HAMPSHIRE Fire and Rescue Service have issued a horsebox safety warning following a spate of serious incidents in the county.  
Recently firefighters have rescued a 15 year old horse stuck by its off hind in a horsebox, a New Forest Pony that put its leg through the floor of a trailer and an Irish Sport Horse that had punched its way through two partitions.   
A Fresian gelding was also treated after launching itself over the partition of a lorry, falling out through the back door and on to the tarmac.  
Watch manger Jim Green said: 'Any animal trapped in a confined space presents a highly dangerous, unpredictable situation."
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