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International jumping returns to show after a decade
By Louise Cordell 
INTERNATIONAL jumping returned to the Royal Windsor Horse Show this year after a decade long absence.  
14 senior British riders went up against competitors from eight countries, Ireland, France, Spain, Russia, Sweden, Jordan, Argentina and Portugal.  
The event action included the Royal Windsor Grand Prix being won by Michael Whitaker, Britain's leading world ranked rider who partnered Amai at the horse's first three star FEI Grand Prix.  
William Funnell took second place with Cortaflex Billy Birr with Duncan Inglis and Sunkist in third. 
Michael Whitaker said: 'It has been a great show. The organisation has been good and the footing is superb. It is good to have another international show in this country.'

Strangles a disease of the past?
By Louise Cordell 
A SCOTTISH workshop has offered hope that equine strangles could soon become a disease of the past.  
A two day conference, organised by the BHS and the Animal Health Trust, brought together scientists and vets from all over the world to present their latest research results on the most commonly diagnosed infectious equine disease.  
Their discussions concentrated on advances made possible through the completion of the Streptococcus equi and Streptococcus zooepidemicus genome sequencing projects and their implications in Strangles prevention. On the second day the delegates focussed on the clinical problem and considered the best diagnostic and preventive techniques that can be adopted during an outbreak.
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