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No clear way to prevent equine grass sickness
THE first reported case of equine grass sickness (EGS) occurred just over 100 years ago, and horses of all breeds and ages are still dying on a regular basis from this disease, with the highest incidence here in the UK.  
Even with all the veterinary expertise at our disposal, there is still no clear way of preventing or even treating the disease successfully.  
EGS is a disease which affects parts of the nervous system that control involuntary functions such as digestion, salivation and heart-rate and is fatal in over 90 per cent of cases. 
However, the real problem with investigating new strategies for tackling EGS is not a lack of technical expertise, but a lack of basic knowledge about the disease; what are the true numbers of cases occurring each year, and where is most at risk?

Organisation puts itself on the map
WORLD Horse Welfare has published a charity roadmap outlining its ambitions and activities for the next decade. 
The recently renamed organisation, previously The International League for the Protection of Horses, is continuing to focus on three main areas of activity, UK Welfare, Campaigns and International Training.  
Chief executive, Roly Owers, said: 'We are entering a new  
chapter in the proud history of our charity. 
'The roadmap sets the framework for a fresh, more focused approach to our work, so that we can have an even greater impact on horse welfare, both in the UK and overseas."
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