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New scanner for hospital
THE University of Liverpool has announced a new addition to its cutting edge equine hospital.  
A standing equine MRI Scanner has joined other specialist diagnostic tools which, together with its experienced team makes the Philip Leverhulme hospital one of the busiest equine referral centres in the UK.  
Dr Peter Milner, university veterinary surgeon, said: 'We see MRI as a great benefit in investigation of lameness in horses and has already helped in unravelling difficult and challenging orthopaedic cases. 
'The MRI unit will also provide us with a valuable tool for musculoskeletal research, a recognised strength within the equine department at Leahurst, successfully headed by Professor Peter Clegg.'  
It is hoped that the scanner will assist the hospital in diagnosing cases of lameness more reliably than ever before.  
MRI technology is currently revolutionising the treatment of lameness with its ability to reveal details of internal structures beyond the scope of x-rays and ultrasound, offering the most comprehensive and accurate imaging available for foot and limb tissue.
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