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Over 300 breeders gather to mark achievements
OVER 300 breeders gathered in London to celebrate the achievements of young British bred horses in 2007. 
Prizes were presented to the top scorers in the Bailey Horse Feeds British Breeding Futurity and Young Horse Evaluations, which has has its most successful year to date. The Futurity evaluates young performance horses and ponies, from foals to four years, to identify whether they have the talent to 
excel and are likely to cope with the rigours of modern competition. Each horse or pony is awarded scores out of ten for criteria including conformation, movement, athleticism and suitability for their chosen discipline. An overall mark is then calculated and all results recorded on the National Equine Database in order to allow the early identification of potentially successful breeding programmes. 2007 saw the first horses scoring tens, with the two year old colt, Furst Opera, bred by Gemini Stud, gaining full marks for type as a potential dressage horse and the three year old colt, Zubin R, bred by River Stud, received a ten for his athleticism as a show jumper.
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