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Intelligent Worming
Intelligent Worming is the future of equine parasite control, with individually designed worming programmes including in depth risk assessments for each horse. Intelligent Worming includes worm egg count tests, consultation, advice, monitoring and an automatic home delivery service giving you convenience and peace of mind ensuring you horse's health is managed effectively and safely. 
In 2010, The Veterinary Association released new guidelines on worming horses, stating that blanket worming (the worming of all horses with the same product at the same time) is no longer recommended. This is because there is data suggesting this actually leads to the development of resistance. For ten years, Intelligent Worming have also had this stance; treating all horses as individuals, and creating their worming programmes based on their worming history, yard risk and results of parasite tests. Some horses require more frequent worming, and others require very minimal chemical treatment. 
The investigative techniques used by Intelligent Worming means the owner can now know:  
· Whether there are resistant worms on their horse's pasture 
· Whether the wormers being used are being effective to their full dosing interval 
· Whether the pasture holds a worm burden 
· Whether the horse is susceptible to worms or has a strong natural immunity 
Call 01267 223322 to talk to one of our consultant on how Intelligent Worming can help you and your horse.
Contact: Diane Gilby or Claire Willcocks
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