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Here at AnimalifeŽ we do things differently. We specialise in new technology and innovation, utilizing the most powerful science driven active ingredients and advanced technologies sourced from around the world. We create innovations that make a real difference to equine welfare and performance.  
AnimalifeŽ products and bespoke solutions are used professionally and proudly recommended by some of the most prestigious owners and trainers in the horse racing world as well as leading GB and International riders such as Matt Ryan, William Fox-Pitt, Dan Sheriff, Ben Maher and Richard Ramsey to name but a few, as well as the tens of thousands of amateur and competitive riders and horse carers alike. 
\"I use Equine Oxyshot before travelling, clipping and shoeing. I also give a shot before schooling and competition for calmness and better concentration. I have tried magnesium and herbal calmers but these take too long to work if at all. Equine Oxyshot is fast acting and very effective! It makes my horse more co-operative and willing to work, we even have better scores when competing!\"  
Jenny Thomas - Novice horse rider. 
'Vetrofen eases any knocks, bangs or bruises they may have, it also helps my older horses to remain looser in their joints when used daily'  
Matt Ryan OAM - Triple Olympic Gold Medalist 
'I use and recommend Vetrofen'  
Robert Whitaker - Top British Showjumper
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