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Crossgates Bioenergetics Ltd

Natural Health & Well-being 
Crossgates Bioenergetics Ltd, based in Settle, North Yorkshire have been supplying Remedies, Supplements & Energetic Health Analysis for animals & humans since 1998 & have customers all over Britain, Ireland & Europe. 
Bioenergetic Remedies 
Bioenergetics is a very popular holistic energy medicine like Homeopathy, Flower Essences & Acupuncture. It is a system of health care that has a positive effect on the animals vital force & assists the bodies in-built defence mechanism to heal itself. Remedies are available to aid many problems from first aid & injuries to more chronic problems such as Sweetitch & Mudfever. 
Australian Bush Flower Essences 
We stock a full range of Bush Flower Essences, which are ideal for aiding emotional conditions. All combinations can be made up specifically for your horse 
Energetic Health Analysis 
Crossgates provide the non-invasive & very popular service of Energetic Health Analysis, ideally suited for those experiencing chronic, recurring, underlying or un-diagnosable problems.  
The E.test is not a medical test; it tests for energetic imbalances in the body using a hair sample as a postcode to the animal. The test runs through over 200 categories including bacteria, virus, parasites, digestion, respiratory, emotional, musculoskeletal, poisons & toxins, while producing a print out & specific combination remedy to correct the imbalances & promote the healing process. The testing allows the guesswork to be taken out of remedy selection & achieves the best results possible where complex problems such as skin conditions & un-diagnosable illnesses are concerned as well as being of great use as a general health check & boost. 
Apple Cider Vinegar (Containing The Mother) 
Apple Cider Vinegar is a wonderful well-known food supplement, water purifier & natural antibiotic, made from whole red sweet apples, rich in minerals & trace elements. Since early times it has been known as mother natures perfect food. ACV is believed to help with many conditions including Arthritis & joint problems, urinary conditions, skin problems, digestion, parasites & gives animals wonderful coat condition.  
Our Apple Cider Vinegar is un-pasteurised so it is literally alive; it contains the floaty, gel like substance known as the mother. This forms naturally from the apple pectin & contains fantastic properties; it should not be removed from the ACV & can be eaten. 
Our organic Irish Seaweed meal is a totally natural multi-mineral supplement that helps improve digestion & assimilation of minerals. 
Probiotics are live micro-flora supplements to improve the balance of beneficial micro-flora in the intestinal tract. Some examples of situations where probiotics maybe required are gut infections, scour, antibiotic therapy & post surgery. 
Probiotics can be given on a daily basis & are great for competition horses.
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