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FMBs therapy systems offer a range of pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF), massage, laser, TENS, magnetic and hot/cold + compression therapy products suitable for horses, riders and their dogs. Safe and practical, these therapies can be used for a whole range of conditions including muscle tension, soft tissue damage, slow healing bones, degenerative joint and muscular diseases, inflammation, sport injuries, circulatory and metabolic disorders and arthritis. They can also be very effective when used pre warm up and post exercise.  
FMBs' flagship is the popular Activo-Med Combi System, a unique rug that provides sequenced pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) and massage therapy to the horse from poll to tail. The system is becoming increasingly popular and is used by many professionals including Great Britain's Peter Storr, Ruth Edge, Chris King, Pippa and William Funnell and Nick Skelton. 
The Mounty Cool+Press® equine therapy boot system which is lightweight and easy to operate, delivering a combination of cold therapy and intermittent compression for up to 4 legs at the same time. The system is totally self contained, operated from a small, battery powered control box fitted to the surcingle and has no trailing leads or connections.  
The Equi-Shower is an effective and practical way to wash horses, giving an all-over body wash within minutes. The Equi-Shower can be used for washing, cooling down, rinsing muddy rugs or even dampening hay. The water is dispersed in a fine mist, so the horse will not get a cold water shock as he would with a hose or a sponge. This innovative system is also very economical, keeping water bills down by 75% over an open hose. 
For more details or if you are interested in an expert opinion on therapy systems, call 01628 472440 or 07885 539312 or visit www.fmbs.co.uk.
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