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Barrier Animal Healthcare
Formed in 1989, Barrier Animal Healthcare is trusted for high quality, 100% natural, effective and affordable healthcare products for horses, cattle, sheep, poultry and small pets, and includes 'Barrier H' the revolutionary agricultural herbicide for the all year round control of Ragwort.  
Manufactured using only the highest quality 100% natural, plant derived non-toxic ingredients, all harvested from sustainable resources, we really do 'Work With Nature' ensuring that all of our products are totally free from chemicals, safe, kind to the animal, user themselves and to the environment.  
Committed to designing, manufacturing and marketing top quality products Barrier Animal Healthcare is constantly looking for ways to improve formulations. Having spent years perfecting the art of blending natural ingredients our expertise has enabled us to design innovative and effective solutions to help animals live as comfortably as possible. We feel very confident that our range offers our customers the very, very best quality, effective products whilst at the same time being totally safe and the best value for money on the market.  
All of our repellents are fully HSE approved and licensed and our equine range of products is free from all prohibited substances under current FEI and HRA Rules. 
All of our products are suitable for use in organic farming systems, as they fall into the exempt category of products which use only plant oils as active ingredients, as listed in Annexe IIB (Pesticides) of Council Regulation (EEC) No 2092/91 (as amended).  
Don't be fooled! People are now more aware of the benefits in using natural products, but not all 'natural' products are what they appear to be. Some low risk natural ingredients can still be toxic and carcinogenic and should be avoided, particularly thinner skinned animals; not to mention the risk to children handling their pets after such products have been used.  
'If you can't put a product on yourself safely, then don't put it on animals!'
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36/37 Haverscroft Industrial Estate
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