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Animal Genetics UK
Animal Genetics offers affordable DNA testing services to horse breeders and keepers for offspring coat colour breeding potential. All tests carried out using a sample of 20-30 mane hairs. Testing gives insight into foal colour and pattern possibilities, results explained in depth via telephone and e-mail, and percentage likelihoods can be confirmed when test results have been released. All tests are fully certified. Also offer testing for certain inherited genetic Equine disorders, in addition to DNA parentage verification. Testing takes between 5 & 7 days following receipt of sample, information packs and mane-hair collection kits (including the necessary order forms) are sent out free of charge.  
Animal Genetics has operated since 1992, and has carried out more than 1,000,000 DNA tests in the United States & Europe. The company has one of the world's most experienced laboratory teams, offering precise and accurate results with a fast turnaround time - and easy to understand system of presenting findings.
Contact: Dan Reeves
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